Kourosh IrajpourKourosh Irajpour

(Senior Director)
  • Attorney at law and legal advisor
  • L.L.M in Civil law
  • Member of Iran Central Bar Association
  • Member of Balms Group International (BGI)
  • Member of Iran-Emirates Chamber of Commerce

Who we are:

We are a team of qualified, highly skilled and experienced lawyers operating  within Iran and beyond Iranian borders.

We are qualified to practice in diverse jurisdictions to provide legal services to our local and international clients including individuals and legal entities.

We as a member of Balms Group International ( BGI) have a specialist team of experts with specific focus on the areas of law that deal with multifaceted globalization of legal practice.

What we offer:

We provide legal services to individuals and legal entities who are aiming to enter the Iranian market.
We offer a knowledge base of the routes of entry to the market, investment opportunities, legal procedures and requirement to make your business in Iran a success.

We maintain the highest standard in all dealings with our clients and  mutual trust is the core of our relation with our clients.